Check back often as I will be updating my painting blog regularly. 


Here's a picture of the eye I've been drawing from a cast for the past few months.  It's exacting work, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.  


May 27

May 27


Here's a barn I've been working on the past month.  I love how the barn pops because of the dark background.  The silos need a bit of work  but I like the composition.   Can't wait to see how it finishes out.  I've decided on a theme for my show at the end of the year:  The Barns of Carver County, Plus a Few.  That should be fun.  

March 24,


I don't understand where the time goes!  The older I get the faster it goes. It's been over a month that i last posted!


Last night the Grand Marais Art Colony (GMAC) had the opening of the lastest Rhythms of Darkness and Light.  I was able to submit a triptych (3 small paintings grouped as a unit).  Although I was planning on going to the show, the weather was going to be dreadful, so bailed and made my way down to Mankato to paint a waterfall in beautiful 70 degrees!  I did, however, this morning get onto the web page for the GMAC and noticed they had a booklet of the 61 entries into the show.  I've never had my work displayed in a booklet--my first print-something to go into the resume.  I'm on page 3--the 1st page of the artists contributions--not because it's one of the best, just luck of the draw, but it sure was an ego booster.  Lately I've felt like I'm on the cusp of something great.  With 3 shows planned this year, a client coming to visit me in the studio to perhaps purchase a painting at the end of the week, and another business owner interested in me hanging my artwork at her place, the business end of my work is looking good.  It all brings me joy--because I have to paint more!


God is good.

Feb 28


Sunset on the North Shore sold today to my Chiropracter!  It will hang in his brand new office in Chaska.  It is the first thing you see when you enter his office.  Can't be prouder!

February 21, 2012


I have been painting 4 or 5 days a week since the new year.  I've attended 2 Master Class painting days with Mary Pettis and friends, gone to several galleries and checked on my artis friends works.  I've been up the Gunflnt Trail to paint en plein air for 5 days and have completed a total of 5 paintings since January 1.  It's a good thing too since I have some shows coming up later this year.  Oh, and I've sold a painting too!  That's always exciting to a new artist.


I've been thinking about what I can do to better market myself, and how to attract people to my sight--I also want to give something back to the community, so I'll keep pondering how these two things might come together and how to make it work.


So glad you stopped by to check up on me!  Stop in and visit the studio when you can!

A New Painting

This is the reference photos I will be using for the next painting I will be working on. 

I took the photo last winter.  I just love the horefrost in the trees--but how to best paint it?

Day 1

On Saturday, January 7, 2012, I was able to attend a Master painting class with Mary Pettis in Taylor Falls, Wisconsin.  I love working with Mary because she is such a positive person, and willing to share her passion with others.  She works out of the abundance mentality, and it is so refreshing.  Here is the layout of my 24x36 snow scene that I was able to work on during the workshop.  I plan on taking pictures of my progress along the way.  I need to have this completed by January 21st, when I go back to Taylor Falls for the critique. 

Day 2, Monday, January 9

Now to add some color.  I worked on the sky, the  front of the barn, and the dark snow shadows, including the roof of the barn.  I used a lot of cerilian blue, white, black, burnt sienna, violet, and black. 

Day 3, Tuesday, January 10

Another wonderful day in the studio.  Layed in all the snow on the ground, filled in the dark of the barn on the right.  I'm happy with the snow, but I think the back barn needs some more red and brown.

Day 4, Thursday, January 12

Today I conentrated on the barn, laying in the rest of the sky--I'm hoping that's not a mistake since I need to lay a lot of white on the trees.  I also layed in teh silo colors and am happy with that.  Practiced making silver and copper--fun.  Put a few more lighter strokes of color in the snow towards the forground.  Tomorrow I will figure out how to lay in the horefrost.

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Day 5, Saturday, January 14

First attempt at the hoarfrost in the trees. 

Day 6, January 21

At the 2nd Master's Class for this painting.  Mary showed me how to make the snow "sing".  We changed the sky color and added blue, pink and yellow into the snow colors in the forground.

Completed Painting!

Finished painting--completed in about 4 weeks.  The snow on the pine tree on the right was that last thing I painted.  I was able to do the snow after coming back from the Grand Marais Winter Plein Air Event held by the Grand Marais Art Colony.  After spending 5 days in the snow, you get a sence of how it should look when you paint it.  I'm happy with the results--what do you think?